• Work Practices

    Work Practices

    Its part of our operations to have periodic capacity training sessions for CTURA team. CTURA is benchmarking with the world, and so constantly have to improve.
  • Modeling


    CTURA Design Lab builds engineering models whether mechanical, electronic or mechatronic systems. We are also into mathematical and scientific modeling
  • Prototyping and Fabrication

    Prototyping and Fabrication

    CTURA Fabrication Lab (FAB LAB) includes advanced welding and fabrication processes for high precision manufacture and prototyping
  • Elect. Design and Development

    Elect. Design and Development

    CTURA Design Lab includes electrical/electronic systems design and development. We utilize the state of the art facilities in ensuring designs are to specifications.
  • Power Solution

    Power Solution

    Intense design, research and development is ongoing on our stirling engine product to meet performance requirements, satisfying energy needs.

We are a technology and engineering research, design and development company, transforming solution concepts into technological reality. Our businesses are built around the innovative solutions we provide, adding value for the growth and development of the society.

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Our firm
<b>R & D activities</b>

R & D activities

We adopt scientific and complex engineering problem solving methods in problem solving (including complex systematic problems), testings and evaluations
<strong>System models</strong>

System models

We provide mathematical, computational and physical models of systems with validation techniques. This also extend to financial models
<b>D & D </b>

D & D

We are passionate and skillful in design and development (D&D). Our network of experienced partners are resourceful in our activities


We seek after the best possible designs whether in terms of mass, cost or other factors. We are also into value engineering and process optimization



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Our Business Genetics
  • Attention to details- excellence and genius is in the details
  • Detailed and spot on documentation
  • Diligent and efficient
  • Creative and innovative
  • Problem solvers
  • Continuous improvement and development

CTURA team is made up of passionate designers and developers, thinkers as well as tinkerers. They design, develop and build solution technologies.

We add value to lives through science and technology. And with science and technology, we believe a society can attain sustained growth and development.

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