Repositioning Technologist for High Precision Manufacturing Processes

  In year 2017, CTURA Solutions, a startup company, ventured on fabricating high precision component parts for an engine prototype. During the tour round manufacturing facilities in key regions such as Osun, Delta, Lagos, and after fabricating the components, CTURA team observed there were little consideration for precision and tolerances.

  The engine prototype was such that high precision was required to avoid leaks as well as for effective functioning. In fact, CTURA team concluded that it would be a miracle for the absence of leaks in the assembled engine. How long will engineers like us in Nigeria leave our works to fate?  Such experiences aren’t peculiar to CTURA Solutions alone. Many companies outsource spare parts and fabrication works to foreign nations because of unavailability of skills as with this regard.

How long will engineers like us in Nigeria leave our works to fate?

  With the Nigeria vision of becoming an industrial nation like other developed nations, it needs strategic repositioning especially in high precision engineering and manufacturing.

  The benefits of the repositioning includes;

1.      Reduced cost of manufacturing because of the local fabrication of high precision component usually fabricated in foreign countries.

2.      Technology development. Complex engineering systems can be fully fabricated locally.

3.      Economic development. Money is rather circulated internally contributing to the economic development of the nation.

4.      Development and utilization of our talents. A lot of creative and innovations will result from the repositioning.


  High precision manufacturing require the following;

1.      Resources

2.      Competence.


  From observations during the touring activity, the resources such as the machineries which includes CNC are readily available. But the challenge is the competence, that is the skills. The skillset includes strong motor skills, and a wit for accuracy which require lots of eye and body movement co-ordination. This we concluded are best carried out by talented persons who we may refer to as the crafts men such as the machinist and technologist.

  We interacted with machinists and technologists during the tours. And concluded that such repositioning can be best achieved via necessary mentorship and proper education which is lacking. It will be best channeling resources on talented technologist (craftsmen). And one of the ways include; A machining or welding competition from which a set of talented individuals are selected based on the outcome of a given task.

  The competition will be more like a talent hunt show similar to music ones such as Project Fame, Naija Sings etc. There are many of these talents scattered around the country who will participate depending on incentives or financial reward from the competition. Also, a regular organization of such events will also spur talented young stars into such careers.


  By and large, there are engineering and craftsmanship talents in the Nation, waiting to be exploited especially in the aspect of high precision engineering. It’s high time Nigeria, starts infusing resources into high precision manufacturing development, for this is necessary for her industrialization.

~Gbenga Ajisafe

CEO/Founder CTURA Solutions