Company Profile (RC 1387682)

CTURA Solutions Ltd is made up of tech savvy individuals who are passionate about technology and engineering design, development and innovation. The company is a limited liability company and founded by Gbenga Ajisafe after completing his post-graduate in aeronautics and astronautics from the prestigious, Kyushu University, Japan. We carry the torch in many vanguard technology areas such as energy efficiency, green technology etc. We provide technological solutions and build businesses around the solutions. Our vision, mission statements and values are as follows;

General Vision Statement

  • To be a private, Nigerian advanced technological firm, providing technological solutions and with prominence in energy, space exploration and agricultural facilities and machineries.

Mission Statement

  • We transform conceptualized product solutions to reality.
  • Problem solving is in our genetic make-up, eliminating the world’s challenges one day at a time.
  • We do this, using scientific problem solving tools in our work processes.

 Core Values

  • Knowledge and imaginations
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Diligence and smart-work
  • Integrity and respect

One of our unique features is in the use of scientific and problem solving methodologies in our design and development processes. We are also into modelling which includes computations, prototyping and experimentation in our technology designing and developmental processes.

Another of our specialty, is design optimization. Our objective is always to achieve the best designs possible. So we apply optimization procedures and various algorithms into our design processes. We have networks of knowledgeable and experienced partners in Nigeria and around the world. Presently, CTURA has two reputable persons who are approved members of its board of advisers (BOA). It hopes to extend it’s membership to foreign experienced and reputable persons.