CTURA SE-1 Stirling Engine

The stirling engine is an engine that works on temperature difference. And as such can operate on any source of heat (fuel) such as solar, coal, wood, natural gas, waste heat etc . It is relatively a low noise, high efficient heat engine, and a long life span with little maintenance It generates mechanical power which can be used as water pumps, electric alternators, or for other mechanical purposes. This makes it valuable for household, agriculture, and industrial applications.

Many industrial processes requires waste heat disposal either into the air or sea. This could be harmful to the environment. The stirling engine is a means of annexing waste heat for useful purposes. CTURA SE-1 project aims to exploit these potentials of the stirling engine such as generating power for households and industries especially the re-use of waste heat which provides a cost savings advantages, making your industrial processes more economical and competitive.