• Work Practices

    Work Practices

    Its part of our operations to have periodic capacity training sessions for CTURA team. CTURA is benchmarking with the world, and so constantly have to improve.
  • Modeling


    CTURA Design Lab builds engineering models whether mechanical, electronic or mechatronic systems. We are also into mathematical and scientific modeling
  • Prototyping and Fabrication

    Prototyping and Fabrication

    CTURA Fabrication Lab (FAB LAB) includes advanced welding and fabrication processes for high precision manufacture and prototyping
  • Elect. Design and Development

    Elect. Design and Development

    CTURA Design Lab includes electrical/electronic systems design and development. We utilize the state of the art facilities in ensuring designs are to specifications.
  • Power Solution

    Power Solution

    Intense design, research and development is ongoing on our stirling engine product to meet performance requirements, satisfying energy needs.